Landing (EP)

by Jett Brando

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A return to form. It is the first release of new material in a very long time. We won't say how long. It is also the result of a reunion with Will Brooks, a.k.a. dälek. These two guys have known each other for a while, since the now bygone era of All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors & dälek.

The Embargo LP (Thornhill 2012) included some tracks in collaboration with dälek, as did the Jagged Junktion EP (Go Kart 2002). Those were intentionally eclectic releases, to put it mildly. Landing is the result of a desire to get in there and get it done without over thinking everything. These five songs were recorded in about five days. The songs were mostly new and Winter wanted to have a "quick turnaround" for once. It had been a while since he and Brooks recorded together, and Winter knew that if there was one person to handle this delicate balance, Brooks was it.

This is an acoustically driven group of songs. Winter came in with a guitar and played. Brooks recorded it, and they quickly got to work, fiddling around with slightly different arrangements and ideas for overdubs, etc. There are definite recurring themes, here: travel, time, loss, regret, the past, and the future. We recommend you listen to it while driving, preferably in the fall.


released November 26, 2013

Recorded by Will Brooks at Deadverse Studios in Union City
October 5, 12, 16, and 26 2013
Produced by Will Brooks and Jett Brando

Jett Brando - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonica, Sound Found, Percussion
Will Brooks - Programming, Editing, Mixing, and Arranging

Words by Jett Brando
Music by Jett Brando (Brandish Bravara - SESAC) and
Will Brooks (Mayan Ruins Music - SESAC)



all rights reserved


Jett Brando New Jersey

Jett Brando is the musical pseudonym of Jeremy Winter. Singer, songwriter, and member of the ‘90s Shoegaze/Dream Pop outfit, All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, Winter works with a semi-regular core of co-producers and band members. There is much material yet to be released. Live performances, whether solo or with a full band, continue to surprise audience members with a wide array of sounds. ... more

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Track Name: From Now On
Well, I guess that this is how
Things are going to be
From now on

People are leaving,
Few others are teething

And some people who are alive
Will come out from their hives

Some are completed,
Some are deleted

And nobody knows
Everywhere that they will go

Think where you’re standing,
Think where you’re landing

Well, I guess we all become
Something we did not expect to be

Some songs are hiding,
Some uninviting

People pretend to be living
Going about their gray

Warm to the shiver
Wrong to consider

And everyone thinks that they’re safe,
Until they’re fixing their scrapes

No one is waiting.
Good for the rating

No one’s waiting in Austria
No one’s waiting in Wales
No one’s waiting in Ireland
No one’s waiting in Berlin

No one’s waiting in Glasgow
No one’s waiting in London
No one’s waiting in Liverpool
No one’s waiting in Laurelton

No one waits in West Virginia
No one waits in Carolina
No one waits in Altoona
No one waits in Schenectady

No one’s waiting in Brooklyn
No one’s waiting in JC
No one’s waiting on Route 80
No one’s waiting for me

Well, I guess that this is how
Things are going to be
From now on

Look where you’re standing
Look where you’re landing
Track Name: Oh My
Oh, my where am I going?
‘cause I feel bad, but I’m in no hurry

And I need someone to tell my story
Cockle shells and morning glories

Call me then, when you get back

Sweet Love, How did I get here?
And will you come back in four years or ten tears?

‘cause I really need to plan your party
Catch me falling from my body

Call me then, when you get back

Sometimes I don’t know where I go to
Could I get back?
Or would I really want to?

But I need you all to listen closely
While I wander pale and ghostly

Call me then, when you get back
Track Name: Another Year
Another year
Another song
I know I’m here
I know I’m wrong

You know we’ll find a few more dreams to wake up from
And so we slowly groan into the great unknown

So tie your blues
Come for a day
It’s all bad news
It blows away

I’ll jump to catch whatever slips out from your bones
It hurts to know I won’t be hurting for too long

We can’t remember when it all came crashing down
It’s been so long
I’ll try to lull you all until we drift along

For now we’ll hover here until they bring us down
They’ll never come
No one remembers that we’re stranded in the clouds

Now join your hands
And don’t let go
I’ll be right here
Watching you go

It’s been a good run but you all must now move on
I’ll hang around until we cover everyone
Track Name: Once in a While
Summer mornings always
pass me by
When September comes, I
open up my eyes

Dreams awake you when you
Slip and slide
I remember when we
hit our stride

I think about it
once in a while
We nearly made it
You’ve got such style

I dream about it
From time to time
I’ll be waiting
Down the street

Downtown the road is bending
We’ll keep turning
Leaf to leave

Don’t tell me there’s no end
‘cuz it’s more than a feeling
I know we’ll be saying goodbye

But for now we’re
Running backwards all the time

I think about it
once in a while
We nearly made it
You’ve got such style

I dream about it
From time to time
V I’ll be waiting
Down the street

Dreams awaken when you
Walk on by

It’s not easy when you’re
Living young inside